Dear Holidays, I Need a Massage.

Where has the time gone? Halloween has spooked and vanished and November has arrived, which means the stress and cold weather of the holiday season is approaching. Yes, the dreary cold, short days and the endless tune of Jingle Bells dinging in your head. You might be thinking the same thing as I am: it’s only November!

However, the month doesn’t change the fact that it’s getting colder and we now have the holiday stress hanging over our heads. This is where massage can help; so as you prepare your Thanksgiving feast and make your shopping lists, take a second to treat yourself and alleviate the holiday stress. Here are five reasons why a massage might save you this season.

1. Cheer up Dolly!

Ever find the need to soak in a large bath after a long day of work? I know I do. The warmth is soothing and it allows your body to find comfort and release. Much like your craved bath, massage is proven to help elevate your mood and provide relaxation. By releasing pain and stress, and putting yourself in a calm and soothing environment, you will actually find yourself happier.

2. Avoid the winter blues.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) takes effect on many people during the late fall and winter months. Otherwise known as the “winter blues,” cold weather and gloomy environments can lead to depression, especially around the holiday season. Studies show that one in five Americans are impacted by seasonal changes, but massage can help. Research shows that frequent massages can help those affected with depression by counteracting loss of energy and negative mood. And if cold weather gets you, try a hot stone massage to treat your craving for warm weather!

Read more about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) here.

3. Get more sleep and achieve more energy.

The holidays are some of the busiest times of the year with cooking, shopping and sharing; we all know it becomes exhausting and the season can become a burden more than a joy with lack of sleep amongst the stress. Some studies are beginning to show that massage may have an impact on resetting your circadian rhythm (the body’s natural sleep cycle). This will help reset the body, by giving it the opportunity to achieve more sleep and more energy.

Learn more here.

4. Bring down those stress levels.

I don’t know about you, but my love for the holiday season doesn’t stop the fact that the holidays bring more stress than any other season, and although they are months full of family and joy, there’s no way to ignore the pressures. Massage is a practice designed to help the body release stress mentally and physically. When your body becomes worn down and tight, it’s the job of the massage therapist to help release that tension. Not only will a massage help your body feel better, the relaxation and physical release will be reflected in the mind. Find your zen and keep it!

5. Treat yourself.

Most of us spend the holiday season treating other people. Gifting presents and sweets, but what about you? You can’t bring joy to people if you’re off your A-Game, so treat yourself to a massage to stay fresh and chipper all winter long!  So, you can truly enjoy the wonderful holiday season.


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