Avoid Summer Fun-Damage


  Introduction Your skin is one of the most sensitive organs we all know and love. It protects our entire being, shields our internal organs from infection, bacteria and damage; we have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to our skin. So why not protect it while it protects you? Seems fair […]

Made for Mom


Why prenatal massage will help you survive pregnancy   Introduction I think we can all agree that pregnancy poses some significant changes upon the female anatomy and although a blessing, childbearing can have some painful side effects that are extremely uncomfortable for moms-to-be. We thought that in the spirit of Mother’s Day having just passed […]

Trial and Error: The Conflict with Food


Introduction   In reference to our blog post last month about fitness, I thought it was appropriate to post this month about nutrition. Here at Zenful, we’re not only concerned with the pain or discomfort in your muscles, but we’re also interested in overall health, because everything you do affects your body in one way […]

Feel the burn…all the way to summer.


GETTING THE BODY YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED. Some of you may be asking yourself, “Why is a massage therapist blogging about fitness?” Well, to answer your question, all of us at Zenful Massage believe that massage is just an aspect of wellness. Our first and foremost concern is the health of our clients and we firmly […]

Taste the Love

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WE ALL KNEW THERE WAS A REASON… Whether you’re gifting it or devouring it this month – or any month for that matter – chocolate will always deliver smiles. We hear all of the rumors – it’s bad for you, it makes you gain weight, it’s not healthy. While that may stand true for certain […]